Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Doll Meet of 2012 - 01/01/2012 @ TCC PoMo

Had the first Doll Meet of the year, thanks to Choco~
She hosted the Doll Meet because Shinka was in town. I've heard of her many times through Choco, and finally got to meet her. She's a very fun girl! She knows Pinky too, and we messaged her to say hi and said we wish that she can come over for a Doll Meet soon. You gals do come to Singapore again for another meet up! =D
Evon, Andrew, Mori, Kitty and Esther attended the meet as well. Lots of crack jokes and laughter throughout the day~ =)

We had a little bite before we start the meet. I had Crayfish Rice Deckers. OMG they are spicy. T_T

Setting up our kiddies~

Because he's the only SD at the meet, they kept calling him sensei. He therefore became their teacher-cum-babysitter at the meet. XD;

Shinka's Caesar and Charlotte! They're such adorable twins.

Choco's Valerie with 2 of Kitty's kiddies.

Evon's Michael.

Suzu with 2 of Kitty's gals and alpaca.

Mori's girl, being all tsundere.

Another of Kitty's girl, being tsundere with an iPad.

Our kids hogging the table.
All of them kept saying their cameras kept detecting only Rei's face when they tried to take the group pic. XD
As Andrew said, "Camera only want to detect the leng zai (handsome boy!") XD;

Choco decided to put an alpaca on Charlotte's head.

Kitty then tried to put an alpaca on Rei's head, but she failed. Esther managed to balance the alpaca on his head instead. XD;

Hi little animals~
He's now looking after animals instead of kids. XD;;

Valerie decided to steal an alpaca.

Siblings bonding time~
Rei hardly had the chance to meet his God-sister much.

Big group pic at another table~
And they all still comment that their cameras kept detecting only Rei's face. XD;;

We packed up and went over to Liang Court for dinner.

Soba with green tea~
The place is very nice! There's free flow rice for anyone who ordered the rice sets. =)

And that's our first Doll Meet of the year. Here's to a wonderful 2012 for everyone! =)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Armel's 2nd Face Up - Total Make Over

This is the second time Armel went through a thorough face up.
The first time, it was to fix up a face-up mishap by restoring it to the default face up by AoD. This time, it's a thorough make over to make him resemble his brother, Rei.
Both times, the face up are by the ever talented Choco! Much love to her! ♥

So, I met up with her last Sunday at her place at about 1pm to have the face up done. We started off by having me clean off the old face up off of Armel.

Choco cleaning the rest of the stubborn parts up before leaving him to dry.

Along in this face up session, is Pu's boy. The boy is mostly done, except for the final blushes and he's all done.
Also in this session, are Choco and Keru's Chocolate and Milk's fantasy parts. Choco has always wanted to blush the fantasy parts so she took the chance to do all of them in this session.

Choco's Chocolate and Keru's Milk's hooves, waiting for the MSC to dry.
I said they looked like drumsticks and chicken wings for sale at the night market, and ended up making Choco crave for fried chicken. XD;

After much MSC spraying, acrylics application, more MSC spraying and drying, pastels application, and more MSC spraying, we lay the kids out to dry after the final MSC application.

Armel, Xavier and the hooves, waiting for the final MSC coat to dry.

Throughout this session, we glared many times at kids who came DANGEROUSLY near us. There were kids running and kids on tricycles!! It's a void deck after all, but we needed the open space for all the spraying. At least the parents for the kids on tricycles managed to discipline them when one of their kids tried to be funny and circled near us.

Armel, all done and looking much gentler and handsomer. XD

I really, REALLY love how he turned out! Now he's much more gentle compared to the default face up from AoD, and resembles Rei to have the brothers-look.
Choco said that the eyes are kinda too big for him. =/
I'll need to find 14mm ones for him the next time. I got him 16mm ones when I was in Volks Akiba to let him try out bigger eyes because the eyes given by AoD seemed too small.
Maa~ An excuse to buy more eyes! XD

Our mess, at the end of the day.

We ended the face up session at about 5pm and we're SUPER HUNGRY by then because we didn't have lunch. XD

We rewarded ourselves at Ramen Play for dinner. =p

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Doll Meet @ Food For Thought on 26/10/2011

Many thanks to Evon for hosting the Halloween Meet! It was fun, the place was cozy and the staff were very kind and friendly.
Much fun and laughter were had! (^▽^)
I brought only Armel to the meet since Rei has nothing Halloween-ish in his closet. It's Armel's first big Doll Meet too! (^▽^)

All of our kids in their Halloween get up!

The magical girl, the witch and the animals.

And the mummies!

My Armel as the devil, with a pumpkin lantern. The lanterns were provided by Evon! ♥

Evon's Niji as a Wizard, hugging Michael.
Choco's Valerie as the magical cat girl. Love how spastic the eyes on her hat looks sometimes. XD

Niji's hat has a Batman motif! XD

I didn't manage to get the name of this cute little cat boy. His owner is at the other table. ^^;

One of Kitty's girls holding the pumpkin lantern.
Choco's Suzu as the angel and Akari in her fox form.

Little Suzu~ Godma loves you~♥

For once, Akari isn't making any dramatic poses. XD

Andrew's Akash with a cat. XD

Mori's girl in her Wa-Loli glory. He made the dress for her! ^^

Since the weather was fine, Choco, Evon and I went outside for a mini shoot for our kids.

I really, really love how Armel turned out with the wings.
I got the wings a couple of days before the meet to use for him, and only prepared him in the morning on the day of the meet. XD;

Another shot of the cute little devil boy.

Armel with Niji.

Armel, Niji and Valerie, ready to take on the Magical World. XD

Oh hey, let's not forget about the food. The food was pretty awesome!

I had mixed berries pancakes. It's quite crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.
It's a good place to hang out or have a gathering with it's fun and friendly staff and cozy ambiance. ^^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doll Meet [Backlog 3] - Tinies Meet @ Starbucks on 17/09/2011

Last of the Doll Meet backlog! I can do this! XD;

The Tinies meet was hosted by Kitty and I get to babysit my God-daughter Suzu (co-owned with Choco) at the meet while Choco looks after Valerie and Akari. XD
It was Keru's off day today, so he finally had the chance to join a Doll Meet with his Milk-chan. Bunny was in town, so she get to join us with Hotaru and Kinoko! (^▽^)

Our kiddies at one table. XD

Suzu~ ♥

Kitty's boy, who is the same mold as Suzu.

They make very adorable twins!

More tinies at the other table.

And more tinies at the 3rd table!

Valerie, the princess.

Akari, the cute little fox. And posing dramatically. XD

Kinoko. Aww, shy little girl.

Bunny's Hotaru, whom I get to meet for the first time. (^▽^)

Keru's Milk, whom I get to meet for the first time too! (^▽^)

We basically stuck around the table where our kids are after we mingled around, and we strated to play with the kiddies.

Battle of the cutest!
Hotaru says bring it on, while Akari accepts the challenge.

Valerie joins in as back up.
She looks like a sumo wrestler. XD

I posed little Suzu for some picces. She's so adorable and posable~ ♥

Hotaru camwhoring with Heal's iPhone. XD

There was another Puki Puki at the meet, so we made them do this. XD

It lasted the whole afternoon and it was a very fun meet! Get to meet other tinies and also catch up with friends. (^▽^)
And again, Choco tried to convince me to get a Tiny, and also a girl. >_<;
Ok... She kinda succeeded in the girl part. Instead of getting another brother for my boys, I am steered towards getting a sister for them now. But... Nah, I think I'll stick to SD or MSD sizes. XD;

Yosh~ I shall get ready to go for the Halloween Meet hosted by Evon now! Can't wait to see Suzu again~